Degree Verification in Gilgit-Baltistan: The Degrees of all Government Employees to be sent for verification excluding GB Legislative Assembly members

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GILGIT: Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan Mehdi Shah on Monday said that the degrees of all government officials serving in various departments in Gilgit-Baltistan would be sent for verification.

He, however, played down the idea of verifying G-B legislative assembly members’ degrees saying that they had not contested elections on the basis of their degrees.

Shah was speaking at the G-B legislative assembly during its 7th session after an independent deputy, Syed Razi uddin, brought up the degree verification issue. Under the orders of the chief minister, the degrees of approximately 28,000 government employees will be sent for verification.

In reply to a demand made by a lawmaker, Mutabiat Shah, for an additional seat for Hunza, the chief minister said that it wasn’t possible because under the 18th amendment, the strength of the G-B cabinet was being curtailed.

Bashir Ahmed Khan, a lawmaker of PML-Q, tabled a resolution against the ongoing wave of terrorism in the country. The resolution was unanimously passed by the house.

Jan Baz Khan, a member of PML-N, speaking on a point of order demanded that the service structure of the judges of the Supreme Appellate Court be modified to bring it in line with that of the rest of the judges in Pakistan and AJK.

He said that at present, the services of the judges of the Supreme Appellate Court are on contractual basis for three years. He said that the judges’ performance is affected because of insecurity about their jobs. Upon this, the speaker Wazir Baig formed a committee to look into the matter and to suggest ways to improve it.

Wazir Shakil, the law minister, told the house that the G-B assembly has no power to make any changes to the governance order 2009, therefore, he asked that the assembly be empowered to make changes to it.

The house also approved a law for the finance committee of the G-B assembly, under which the house will have powers to supervise finances relating to the Gilgit-Baltistan assembly.

Source: The Express Tribune, July 27th, 2010.


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