Gilgit-Baltistan:GB Government urged to rehabilitate flood affectees

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Astore—Ex-member Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) Mehboob Ali Khan on Tuesday appealed the GB government to start rehabilitation work in the flood effected area. He told APP that massive people affected in the floods and rains across GB and he appealed the government to rehabilitate them. He hoped the provincial government will take steps in this regard. Since the 2010 floods in Sindh, thousands of children are still out from their schooling and social activities as they are confined to the camp life at the tent villages in Karachi, says a field survey conducted by Roshni Helpline.

The assessment carried out at tent villages in Gulshan-e-Benazir, Kemari Town; Razzakabad, Bin Qasim Town and Super Highway area, Gaddap Town has reflected the hopelessness and a sense of anxiety among the children about the future of their education. Moreover the families who had voluntarily opted to return to their broken homes in different parts of the province were too yet to rehabilitate. Their children are still out of schools while their socioeconomic conditions are same as were at the time of flooding. “It is too difficult for us to come to terms while seeing the gravity of destruction of our properties and belongings.

It is even difficult for us to survive without any help from any quarter,” Sakina Samejo told Roshni Helpline surveyors. Samejo told that she along with her family members had returned to their broken home in Jacobabad on the government assurance that they would get help in rehabilitation of their lives. “There is no help. There is no life for us. There is no life for our children. All houses, schools and everything else are completely destroyed. Hardly anyone lives there. There is hardly any activity for our children,” she said. “Here at least we get cooked food or ration and our children can play or at least wander around for a while. Although only thing they miss the most is their schooling and education,” she added.

The affected families are settled at all three camps from Jacobabad, Shahdadkot, Naushero Feroz and other areas of Sindh. A few of them have even come from Rahimyar Khan, Muzzaffar Garh and other southern parts of Punjab. In the beginning, some of the non-governmental organisations, including Roshni Helpline, Potohar Organisation for Development Advocacy (PODA) from Islamabad and others provided non-formal education at the makeshift tents at the tent villages


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