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Teachers are architects of a country’s destiny. The teacher enjoys a divining status in almost every religion.  The profession of teaching, therefore, deserves the highest level of respect. Teachers have a very important role in Basic education and training to fulfill the growing needs of trained and skilled Labour force in every walk of life.  In the childhood, parents are responsible to child training but further on, it is the teachers who teach them to enter into practical life. There the role of teacher comes.

Thus, Teachers are definitely the most important people to persuade our lives after our parents. We learn to see the world, we gain the ability to understand that world and we obtain the ability to use our intelligence, imagination and talent, all these are possible because of our teachers.

With the passage of time, the teaching professions in Pakistan change its trend and importance.  Today one has got tremendous opportunities if one chooses teaching as a career.  Almost all the Governments of the world have to allocate more funds as it is now become a reality that the world of tomorrow will belong to those who has the wealth of education.  This concept becomes the major reason of establishing numerous education institutions in the world. As long as educational institutions, universities, colleges and schools are establishing, the importance of the teachers will further be increased.

Teaching opportunities in Pakistan

There are ample opportunities for teachers in Pakistan.  Constant promotion of education, growing interest of the governments and the establishments of private and public schools, colleges and universities have further enhanced opportunities in this field.  Today one can adopt the field of teaching as a school teacher or a lecturer or professor in the colleges or universities.    Teachers are offered very good salaries and allowances in the private sector institutions.  Educational foundations have been set up in all the provinces to encourage and provide financial support to educated individual for setting up schools. Many new schools are established every year.  Trained and qualified teachers will always be on demand in the coming days. Even a master degree holder in Pakistan Studies has attractive opportunities for lecturers in colleges and universities.   Keeping in view of the future, there will be great demand of teachers who are sincere, hardworking, and interested in this career option.

 Working Environment For Teachers

Teaching is not a part-time career job; teachers should always be ready and prepared for hardwork and betterment of the students.  They should prepare and plan their lesson which is to be taught prior to their arrival to the class room.

 Teaching profession is very suitable for those people who like social life.  Teachers are respected and famous in the society especially in villages and small towns.  Teachers have pupils in every walk of life who cause solution of their different problems.  Teachers are provided leave in the summer and the winter season to be active and fresh.

Teaching Related professions and occupations

After having completing different courses in teaching,  teachers  become eligible for direct appointment as school headmaster, instructor, supervisor, education officer, assistant director, deputy director, and so on.  Teachers are given priority in job opportunities in the education department.

In the public sector, teachers who have qualified PTC (Primary Teaching Certificate) are employed as teacher in BPS-7 in government schools, while those who have CT (Certificate of Teaching) are offered JST (Junior School Teachers) Job in BPS-9.  B.Ed passed teachers is inducted as HST (Higher School Teachers) in BPS-15. Headmasters and Subject Specialist teachers are offered jobs in grade 17 (BPS-17) in comprehensive schools.  Additional allowances are also presented to them.  Teachers who are employed as Eastern Education teachers, drawing teachers and physical training instructor offered grades 9 and 15 as per their qualification and training.   Master degree holders have opportunities to get the job of a lecturer in the colleges and universities in BPS-17. Excellent opportunities are available in the private sector institutions, schools, colleges and universities.

Profession of Teaching… From an HR consultant’s point of view:

Rahela Narijo, a leading HR consultant and Trainer speaks about the Profession of Teaching.

“I really wish people would stop looking at teaching as a way out or as a last resort.  Just being good in a particular field or having a masters or Ph.D degree does not automatically qualify you to be a teacher.  Not everyone can become a teacher because not everyone possesses the competencies or aptitude for teaching.

First ask yourself why you are considering teaching as a profession. If the reason is anything other than “to make a positive impact on young, developing minds and to groom a future generation,” then do everything a favour and stay away from teaching.  Teaching has never been about monetary gains.  If you want to make money, then stay in your current job.  Teaching itself is science.  To become a qualified teacher you need a certain degree of training in this science.  But it is also a passion; teaching is often referred to as a noble profession. 

 So, before deciding on pursuing teaching, carefully identify your true motivation for doing so because too much damage has already been done to this profession by those before you.  Is teaching an option because you can’t “do” your current job or is it a passion because you want to make a positive impact on the lives of others? Or as the actor Jack Black says in one of my favorite movies, the School of Rock, “those who can’t do, teach and those who can’t teach … teach gym.” You decide which category you fall in”.

Teaching Courses and degree programmes

  • B.Ed
  • M.Ed
  • M.A (Education)
  • P.hd (Education)

Entry Requirements

For B.Ed:                             B.A (Pass)

For M.Ed:                            B.Ed

For M.A (Education):    B.A (pass) with education


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