Gilgit-Baltistan: GB government has failed to protect basic rights in the region

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Hunza—Hunza Ataabad Lake victims appealed the government to provide six months more ration. Local people including Aman Khan, Wazir ullah Baig and Karim Baig told APP here on Thursday. Situation of the area is still alarming and the people are facing number of challenges, they added. They said that lake water has damaged their cultivated land. Gilgit Balitistan government announced some financial payments for 457 families of the lake, but over two dozens were not paid, who protested against the discrimination during local Chief Minster Mehdi Shah‘s visit to the area.

It further said that two people were killed when police opened fire on protestors. Later, police also booked 37 agitators; seven are still in the custody of police and other law enforcement agencies, which are allegedly persecuting the detainees. PFP also appealed to the higher judiciary of Pakistan to intervene to protect the citizens and stop the abuse of power by the officials in Gilgit Baltistan. “It is a basic human right of every citizen to protest for rights however shooting protestors, torture of activists and ban on political activities in Gilgit Baltistan indicates that the government has failed to protect basic rights in the region, it further said. It urged the government to pay the compensation to the affectees of Attaabad Lake.

Earlier, The Chinese ambassador said that his country has also decided to provide $3.13 million for the victims of Attabad Lake. NDMA Chairman Zafar Iqbal Qadir thanked the ambassador for the Chinese assistance and said that China had become the first country to respond to the prime minister’s appeal for the relief and assistance of calamity-hit people. He informed the media persons that the floods in Sindh had so far claimed two 209 lives and displaced 5.3 million people.

He said the floods have affected 23 districts in the province and destroyed standing crops on 1.7 million acres of land. He said that 2,490 relief camps have been set up in different areas to house the displaced families. The chairman said the disaster had been absolutely unique in its kind and magnitude. He said that the province had witnessed heavy rains with 1,070mm recorded in Tharparkar.


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