Gilgit-Baltistan: Making new provinces a futile exercise?

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THERE are several statements and viewpoints from various political parties and journalists about the establishment of new provinces, splitting the existing ones.

We should be clear that there is a huge difference between Pakistan and India in terms of political and social system. We can’t say whatever India can do, we can do also. Now if we look at our political and social system, there are indeed awfully big flaws which are deeply rooted.

Here creation of new provinces and empowering a region means to increase the facilities for political leaders and bureaucrats.

Here it means enhancing the security and number of vehicles for high officials and their family members. Here it means to
increase the budget limits for personal expenditures of corrupt politicians and officers. Here it also means giving the elite class more powers to rule brutally the poor citizens of their region.

To elaborate my point, province-like status to Gilgit-Baltistan, is obviously an example for learning a lesson. Unfortunately, since its creation, Pakistan lacks honest and patriotic people who give greater importance to country’s affairs instead of their personal interests.

The purpose of giving province-like status to Gilgit-Balitistan may be a positive move. But it failed to bring any drastic change in our lives as citizens of Gilgit-Balitistan.

We still live within the same standard, poverty is spreading fast, the problems of citizens are still not solved, justice is still far away, we still face the same old transportation problems, and we still face food shortage.

A student of Gilgit-Baltistan still has to move to other provinces for higher education after FSc. We neither have engineering or medical colleges nor is there any such future project. In a nutshell, I want to ask what this empowerment means at all. It
just has raised the living standards of our politicians and senior officials.

Sadly, I am seeing the same future for the proposed Seraiki and Hazara provinces. I urged our leaders to look for the stability of the country and improving the lives of millions of peoples instead of their vote banks.

Courtesy: Dawn


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