Gilgit-Baltistan: GB women who set examples for others

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Captain Marium was born in Shishkat Village of Gojal Valley, upper Hunza. She is daughter of Mr. Ghulam Sarwar and Ms. Sultana Begum. After completing her Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology (IT), she applied to get commission in Pakistan Army. She was able to get in the Pakistan Army after competing at different levels. Currently she is serving as Information and Communication

Captain Marium is the first female commissioned officer from Gojal valley and one of the very few from GB who may have joined this profession

Technology Officer, at the rank of Captain, after successfully passing out from the Pakistan Military Academy.

Marium had, earlier, studied at Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Hunza and Public School and College Gilgit.

While the world celebrates the “16 days of activism”, the editorial team of Pamir Times thought it appropriate to highlight the achievement of a young lady who dared to dream different and worked hard to realize her dream.

The story of Captain Marium is also the saga of a relatively new chapter in history of the women of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Sharista Baig – the first female fighter pilot of Gilgit Baltistan, Wali sisters – the skiers who won accolades for their country at international level and Captain Marium, among many others, are icons of the capacity of our region’s women to excel in all fields, if provided with the opportunity, support and encouragement.

We are proud of the mothers and daughters of Gilgit – Baltistan who have been able to excel in different fields of life despite of social numbness, at best, and resistance, at worst, with the help of their determination, vision and some support from immediate family members. PT Report


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