Gilgit-Baltistan:Holes Developed in the Reservoir of Naltar Power Station

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GILGIT (INP) Power generation in Gilgit-Baltistan  could suffer a massive blow as holes have developed in the water reservoir of 18MW Naltar Hydel power station and fearing that the houses would come under water, more than seventy families have started preparations to evacuate the area.

Residents of Naltar told INP that four holes have developed in the reservoir of Naltar Power station which is spread over an area of 18 kanals. They said water gushing out  and moving towards the local population and in some cases it has entered residential houses. They said the water tank could cave in any time and if that happens, more than seventy houses in Nalltar would be destroyed.

When XEB of the Electricity department Hamid Hussain was approached, he confirmed the presence of holes and said that the department was working to plug them. It may be recalled that the Naltar hydel plant was completed by a Chinese company a few years back. The power house is the single major source of providing electricity to Gilgit. It is feared that if the faults were not removed, Gilgit city could be without electricity in the next few days.

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