Gilgit-Baltistan:Deepening of Attabad Lake to Start Next Year

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ISLAMABAD (Nation): The work on deepening of Attabad spillway for receding water and clearing the path of Sushkat Bridge will be completed next year, reviving linkages of valley with other parts of the country.

An official of NDMA told APP here that it was decided last year that the spillway would be deepened 30 metres so that the Sushkat Bridge could work properly which had inundated due to the heavy flow of water.

He informed the spillway was deepened nine metres last year and they would expect to complete 10 metres more this year. The official expressing the hope opined that deepening of spillway would ensure uninterrupted traffic flow between Hunza and other parts on the country.

“The water flow rises in summers due to which it is not possible to work on the spillway, therefore only a short span of winter season is utilised for the project,” the official added.

He said last year they worked on the lake and in Jathe work has not been started yet, adding it would start soon and next year after completing the deepening of spillway commuters can use it for transportation.

The official said that they received the request of helicopters from Gilgit-Baltistan as the people on both sides of the lake use boats to travel and carry out trade.

But now they have been cut off from other parts of the country due to ice blocks in the lake. He noted that their request has been forwarded and soon helicopters would be provided to them as it was also a routine during last years.


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