Gilgit-Baltistan: Four Ethnic/Sectarian Parties Banned

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ISLAMABAD (F.Post): Ministry for Interior Saturday banned the four organizations on the charges of their involvement in promoting sectarianism and being involved into enthnic violence.
These Organizations includes Peoples Peace Committee, (PAC) Ahle Sunnatwal Jamat, (ASWJ) Shiite Student Action Committee or Shia Talba Action Committee (STAC) and Tanzeem Noujawanan Ahlsunnat (TNA) Gilgit Baltistan.
Ministry of interior has issued a notification in this connection and has dispatched it to all four provinces, G-B and Aj&K.
Peoples Aman Committee (Peoples Peace Committee) was active in Karachi specially in area of Liyari and was repeatedly pointed out during the incidents of violence and target killings in the city. The Organization was accused for promoting the ethnic hatred and violence in Karachi.
Ahle Sunnatwal Jammat was formed after when the government banned Sipahe Sahaba because of her involvement in promoting the sectarianism across the country. After the ban imposed on SSP her name was changed into Ahle Sunnatwal Jammat. The organization in her present status was key part of Defense of Pakistan council -an alliance of the religious parties. Malik Ishaq Co-founder of Lashkar Jhangvi- another sectarian banned outfit- remained participating from the platform of Ahle Sunnatwal Jammat in the rallies of Defense of Pakistan Council.
Shiite Student Action Committee or Shia Talba Action Committee (STAC) and Tanzeem Noujawanan Ahlsunnat (TNA) do not hold their history much older and were recently established with their strong presence in the Gilgit Baltistan. Both of these organizations remained involved in promoting the sectarianism and TNA also justifies the killings of their opponents.
Reports are there that most organizations which were also the part of Defense of Pakistan Council have decided to raise voice against the imposition of ban against the coalition partner Ahle Sunnatwal Jammat.
Where as, Jamat e Islami leadership was also considering the option of staging protest campaign to support the ASWJ and to force government to lift ban from them.
It is pertinent to mention here that the offices of these recently declared banned outfits in G-B have been sealed but in Punjab and Federal Capital no offices of these organizations has been sealed.

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