Gilgit-Baltistan:Tourism- One of the Most rapidly Growing Industry in the World

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Karachi (Dawn): It is an important means of income generation, job creation, poverty reduction, foreign exchange earnings and promotion of cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. From the prospect of Pakistan it can be a massive source of earning as our country possesses fascinating views.

Sadly, no attention is being paid by authorities towards developing tourism in the country.

Last year I had been on a visit to ‘fairy meadows’, situated at the foot of the great Nanga Parbat. My two-week-long trip started from Karachi, crossing Chillas and then straight to the destination.

It was an adventurous trip, and not a luxurious one or even somewhat near that. All across the route, the government’s effort regarding the tourist’s facilities were nowhere to be seen.

Although this country can earn much through tourism, little attention is paid by the government towards this sector.

As summer vacations are about to start, the tourism season would be at its peak, so in order to make maximum profit, there are several things that can be done by higher authorities.

First, tourist’s security is a major concern. These recent years our tourism industry has been badly affected by insecurity and terrorism issues.

People’s safety is the greatest duty of the government, however recent killings, blasts and crime reports, especially in Gilgit
Batistan, has created a bad image for local and foreign tourists.

Second, focus should be put on the infrastructure and renovation and safety of historical structures. This land holds a blend
of history in its ancient artefacts which are a prime attraction for tourists from all around the world. Moreover, much focus
is required on the construction of quality resorts and hotels, especially in Gilgit Baltistan.

Last but not least, although this country provides picturesque panoramas, however it fails to draw a large number of people
towards it. For this, the government should run international and local advertisements calling on people to pay visit to this
wonderland. At the same time it should provide all necessary facilities to make the journey more enjoyable for visitors.


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