Gilgit-Baltistan:GB Government Prepared Security Plan for KKH

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Gilgit (D.Times): The government of Gilgit-Baltistan has finalised a security plan for the safe journey of KHH travelers government sources told. According to details, a meeting of security officials, representatives of transport companies and other stakeholders was held in Gilgit City.

Home Secretary Fazal Zahoor and IGP Usman Zakaria jointly led the meeting. After detailed brainstorming and discussion, it was decided that passengers buses would run in Convoy between Bisham and Basri Check Post and the security forces will be escorting the vehicles.

The transport companies will also be asked to provide private security guards in the passenger buses. All the passenger buses from Rawalpindi will be required to reach Bisham by 4:00 P.M and same would be the time to arrive for buses travelling from Gilgit.

GB KKH Task Force will be responsible for the security of passengers in its jurisdiction while Police of KPK will be responsible to ensure the safety of passengers in their jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Gilgit, once again, blamed foreign agents to be responsible for creating unrest in GB. Addressing a meeting with notables and Ulema of Astor, he said, “Foreign agents are involved in spreading the unrest in the region in order to achieve their nefarious goals.”  He said that the government is determined to nab the terrorists.

“Government is well aware of its duty and responsibility. Every possible step will be taken to ensure safety along the KKH.” he said.

Shah disclosed that the GB government has decided to recruit 120 personnel for the safety of KKH who will be deputed in the passenger’s vehicles.

Talking to the families of martyrs of the recent barbaric incident along the KKH, the Chief Minister ruled out any demand for launching Army Operation in the trouble areas.

“It is not feasible and, not a right time, to take such action. It will only complicate things for the peace initiatives.” He said.  


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