Gilgit-Baltistan:Provinces Agree to Finance Hydel Projects

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Islamabad (INP):The provincial governments have agreed in principle to finance major hydel power projects in order to overcome the crisis of load shedding.

A decision to this effect was reached here on Monday during meeting of the Committee on energy which was formed by the Council of Common Interest.

The meeting was chaired by Minister for Water and Power and attended by Chief Secretaries of the four provinces, AJK, Gilgit-Baltistan, Secretary Water and Power and senior officials.

It was consensus at the meeting that energy crisis was a national problem which could be overcome only through joint efforts of the Federation and Provinces. WAPDA and PPIB officials gave a detailed briefing to the meeting about major hydel projects.

All the provinces agreed to the proposal to finance major hydel projects, allocate resources for the power projects in the annual development plan and extend cooperation to check theft of electricity through police.

The meeting asked the KESC to make the closed plants functional.

Issues relating to handing over of administration of distribution companies to the provinces, national electricity conservation bill, participation of provinces in Thar coal project also came under consideration.


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