Gilgit-Baltistan:Appointments in GB courts urged through Judicial Commission of Pakistan

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Karachi (by Taqdir Ali Khan): AFTER the reform package to Gilgit Baltistan was introduced, two posts of judges in the district’s chief court were created. However, both the posts in the upper judiciary, i.e. the Supreme Appellate Court, have been lying vacant for a long time.

Now the vacancies are allegedly being clinched by people who have vested interest and are trying to bring their near and dear ones to fill them.

Thus, merit is being dismissed in the appointment of judges. Besides, the authorities concerned are demanding millions of rupees as bribe for these posts. This is a crime.

A judicial commission exists in our country for the appointment of judges of the apex court. Unfortunately, the commission is not playing any role in the appointment of judges. Judges in the supreme judiciary of Gilgit Baltistan should go through the judicial commission.

It is interesting to note that Law Minister Wazir Shakeel has offered himself for one of the posts and it seems obvious that he would be inducted by the government.

If the minister himself becomes a candidate for the position of judge in the apex court, what trust would there remain for the l public?

There is a strong objection to the candidature of the law minister.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan is requested through the media to take suo motu action and ensure that the appointments in the apex court of Gilgit Baltistan are made on merit.

Unless these appointments are made through the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, back-door appointments would continue to take place.

There are many candidates for these positions who hold a master’s degree in law and have several decades of standing at the Bar in comparison to the law minister of Gilgit Baltistan.

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