Gilgit-Baltistan:11,630 People Imparted Teaching, Management and Leadership Trainings

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Gilgit (PT): The Professional Development CenterNorth, Gilgit, has imparted teaching, management and leadership training to 11,630 teachers from across Gilgit-Baltistan. The importance of Early Childhood Development (ECD) is being used across the world to develop interest in education. Teachers from government, ngo-operated and private schools have benefited from the state of art training facilities available at the PDCN. The ECD programme is currently being run in 124 schools across GB.

This was stated by Dr. Maula Dad Shafa, head of the PDCN, today, while talking to a group of legislators who routed the facility under the leadership of GBLA Speaker Wazir Baig.

The legislators also visited training sessions and saw the facilities available.

Speaking at the occasion GBLA Speaker Wazir Baig said that efforts will be made to make legislation for introduction of ECD based education in schools across the region. He said that the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had advised each and every Muslim to gain education but majority of the Muslims across the world are faced with abysmal poverty and chaos because of lack of education. He also lamented the lack of educational programmes on television channels.

The PDCN had been inaugurated by His Highness the Aga Khan, 49th Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims and the then KANA Minister, Abbas Sarfraz, more than a decade ago. It is part of the Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED).


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