Gilgit-Baltistan: GB Govt. Responsible for Fiscal Crisis

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Gilgit (ET): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz G-B chapter president and former provincial minister Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman said the current fiscal crisis was the local government’s doing.

During the last two years, the centre has given the G-B government the authority to re-appropriate the funds, Rehman said. Due to this authority, the provincial authorities divert funds from development to non-development heads resulting in financial crisis.

In the past, the ratio of development and non-development funds was 70/30, respectively, but now the non-development expenditures have been increased manifold. Rehman said that the PPP government in G-B has created unnecessary posts in various departments since assuming the charge and recruited PPP workers, which is an all-time high burden on the budget.

According to him, in 2009, the non-development budget of G-B was Rs4.5 billion which has now crossed Rs12 billion mark, whereas the total budget of G-B is Rs19 billion inclusive of Rs3 billion allocation for the federal PSDP projects.

He alleged that Rs570 million were spent from the development funds on the political advertisement in the media and an equal amount was spent on the visits of chief minister, governor and ministers to the anniversaries of Bhutto family in Naudero at different times.

“These political functionaries receive invitations for these private functions from the President House aiming at giving them official status for using government resources,” said Hafiz.


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