Gilgit-Baltistan: Country Can Generate upto 100 MW of Electricity

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Gilgit (BR): Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) former Chairman Abdul Basit has urged the government to generate electricity up to the available capacity as country has full capacity to meet energy demands. In a statement issued here on Monday, the PPA former chairman said that it is appreciable that the government has given a true picture to the masses by deciding to produce 13000MW of electricity on May 11.

He said that it was very unfortunate despite having the capacity to meet electricity needs, the government did not produce it under one or the other pretext. Abdul Basit said that the country can produce 100,000 MW of electricity for next 100 years through its coal reserves, 50,000 MW of electricity through hydel resources in Gilgit-Baltistan and the country has an installed capacity of 21,000 mega watts but due to lack of interest of the people sitting on the helm of affairs and bureaucratic hurdles, country was facing 16 to 22 hours load shedding in urban and rural areas of the country.

He said that the government’s indecision kept the trade and industry hostage during the last five years that resulted in slow down of economic activities. He said that only because of power shortage, the country lost over 3 percent of its GDP growth while brain drain and industrial drain remained the most prominent features in the last five years. Abdul Basit said that if the government was unable to run power sector in a winsome manner, it should private it without delay of a single day as the business community has the ability to ensure good governance.


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