Gilgit-Baltistan: Gems & Jewellery Center Established in Gilgit

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ISLAMABAD (News): Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC) has established Gems and Jewellery Training and Manufacturing Centre (GJTMC) in Gilgit as it is estimated that almost 95 percent of precious and semi-precious stones are found in Gilgit-Baltistan(GB).GJTMC Gilgit, under the supervision of PJGDC, aims to achieve excellence through improvement of human resource skills as well as extending its production in Pakistan.

“Gilgit-Baltistan is blessed with unlimited precious and semi-precious stones,” an official said. “Despite the mineral wealth, there has been no coordinated effort to reap the benefits through promotion of awareness about gems, skill development and market information and facilitation to miners.”He added that the PGJDC has imparted gemstone faceting carving, gemology and manual jewellery designing training to many students and the number is increasing”.

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