Gilgit-Baltistan: Policies to Curb Smuggling of Wheat

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GILGIT (Dawn): The Gilgit-Baltistan food department has stopped wheat supply to flour mills to curb its smuggling which has created flour shortage locally, said an official on Sunday.

Talking to Dawn, the regional director of food Mohammad Ikram said the department took the step after public complaints regarding shortage of flour in the local markets. He said short and long term policies would be evolved to curb smuggling of wheat.

The official said some 45 mills were registered with the department which would now have to procure wheat from the open market.

“Wheat being provided by the government to flourmills on subsidised rates is being smuggled to rest of the country to get extra bucks,” he said.

“We have terminated all reserved quota of mills and now wheat will be supplied to residents directly,” said the official.

Mr Ikram said wheat was being given to mills under fixed quota and then dealers distributed flour to retailers in their respective areas.


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