Gilgit-Baltistan: 800 Graduates Awarded Degrees in KIU Convocation

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Gilgit (Dard.Times): The 5th and 6th joint convocation of Karakuram International University held here in the main campus of the University. Pir Karam Ali Shah, Governor Gilgit-Baltistan deigned give away degrees to the graduates. The convocation started around 10 A.M and it looked all crimson and blue as the graduates seated in the convocation gowns.

About 800 graduates were awarded degrees upon successfully completing their under- graduate and graduate programs. The governor congratulated the graduates and, with that, reminded them of the greater role that a graduate caries on his shoulders.

‘I extend my heartfelt congratulation to all the graduates at this happy occasion and I hope you realize the profound role upon your shoulders to ignite the spirit of peace, prosperity and constructiveness. You are the one who can become the agents of change for a better future and you are the one to build your society” Karam Ali Shah said.

The governor specifically spoke about the law and order situation in Gilgit. He urged the students to play a role to end racism, sectarianism and discriminatory practices in the society.

The VC of the University, Dr. Najma Najam also congratulated the graduates. She expressed her optimism that her students, for sure, be responsible citizens and future leaders. She said that the University is striving to provide quality education to the students at their door-steps despite considerable challenges. She said that steps are being taken to expand scope of programs in order to accommodate maximum career options.

The VC told that the University is in the process of starting law, Fine Arts and Engineering departments quite soon.

The governor awarded more than 30 Gold and silver medals to the high performing graduates. The graduates finished their studies in the fields of Business Management, Linguistics, Social and Natural Sciences.

The University campus was filled with faces smiling, hopeful and confident. This scribe got a chance to speak with Muhammad Karim, a business graduate who runs his own community school, to know about his feelings.

 “Man, I am delighted to be called a graduate. KIU was a great experience and I am proud to be its student. I am sure my degree would definitely help me in my practical life.”  He said.

Karakorum International University is the only University in Gilgit-Baltistan established during Musharaf regime in 2002. It has two campuses with more than 2500 students and 150 faculty members. The university has 15 academic departments along with a Professional Development Center (PDC) and an Early Childhood Development Center.

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