Gilgit-Baltistan: Differences Surfaced within the Ranks of PMLN Leadership of GB

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GILGIT (ET): Four senior leaders including opposition leader Janbaz Khan, PML-N Gilgit President Abid Baig, Jafarullah and Shafiquddin issued a press release criticising the regional chief of their party, Hafizur Rahman, for ‘misleading the PM regarding issues being faced by the region.’
Rahman should have discussed the party’s and region’s issues with the PM instead of promoting himself, said the leaders who are aspirants of being the next governor, replacing the existing governor of PPP, Pir Karam Ali Shah.
Nawaz Sharif was on his first official visit to G-B after becoming the premier for the third time. However, he reportedly failed to spare enough time for party issues due to other commitments. Though he did address party workers, Sharif avoided talking about recruiting a governor.
The PM was about to nominate a new governor but could not do so because of Rahman, claimed the PML-N leaders, alleging the opportunity was lost because of the regional chief.
When Rahman hinted at replacing the G-B governor in July after PML-N’s victory in the general elections, the four leaders volunteered themselves for the slot, asking the regional chief to forward their names for the replacement. The list, even though forwarded, did not garner much attention.
After the statement appeared in newspapers, the regional PML-N office suspended the memberships of Baig, Jafarullah and Shafiquddin while a written complaint was sent to the PM against Janbaz Khan.


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