Gilgit-Baltistan: GB Government Threatens to Send Police, if KPK Police Does Not Vacate Disputed Area

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GILGIT (ET): The 10-kilometre stretch of land which separates Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) from Gilgit-Balistan has been causing problems between Gilgit-Balistan’s (G-B) chief minister and provincial government again. Mehdi Shah, the chief minister, has threatened to send G-B’s policemen to the disputed territory near Diamer-Bhasha Dam if the K-P police do not leave.

The land dispute is over a 10-kilometre stretch of land on either side of the Basari check post, which separates K-P from G-B. The ownership of the land remains in limbo and has caused unrest between residents of Diamer Valley and Kohistan, as it involves the disbursement of royalties in the long run. In an attempt to settle the dispute, the federal government decided to replace G-B and K-P police with Rangers in the area last month, since the dispute started to spill-over and has put the future of the Diamer-Bhasha Dam at risk.

“We had withdrawn our police on the assurance from the centre that the K-P government would also pull its police force out from the disputed land,” the CM told reporters outside G-B Assembly on Friday. “But if the Kohistan police remain in the area, we will redeploy our forces at the Basari check post.”

Opposition leader Janbaz Khan from Diamer Valley raised the issue in the G-B Assembly on Thursday, saying that Kohistan police was still holding their previous positions in defiance.

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