Gilgit-Baltistan: Drive Against Corruption and Upholding of Meritocracy in GB

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Gilgit (ET): CS GB on flouting of merit said that there is a  “ray of hope” for many in a region where a constitutional package [self governance order] led to the formation of an indigenous government for the first.
As a war against corruption goes on, the establishment of anti corruption cell is on the cards while a CM inspection commission has already been activated. Nearly 1,000 illegal inductions were reversed in education and excise department, and now they are going after those responsible for the illegal inductions.
“To start with, Planning and development [P&D] was the department that lacked planning and monitoring,” said Dagha while sharing the progress of the past eight months since he took charge.
Work is also underway to make a ‘GB development forum’ to ensure better coordination with donors besides streamline planning of the indigenous projects. In addition, monitoring has also been given top priority to ensure better utilisation of funds in the development projects.
Similarly in the recent past, at least 200 contractors were blacklisted for either flawed work or leaving the projects incomplete and a dozen engineers were suspended.
Like mineral policy, forest working plan has also been revised and sent to federal government for approval.
With the tourist season coming up, Dagh said that the overall situation of law and order was comparatively better than last year with a crackdown on criminals. “If we are sincere with ourselves, we shouldn’t compromise with merit,” he said.


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