Gilgit-Baltistan: Maiden Services Tribunal for GB Formed

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Islamabad (D.Times): Oath taking ceremony of the newly appointed Chairman and members of the GB Services Tribunal took place here at Gilgit-Baltistan House, Islamabad. Hafeez-ur-Rehman a former bureaucrat Sworn in as the Chairman of the newly established GB Services Tribunal whereas a former judge Khursheed Alam and another former bureaucrat Fida Hussain took oath as the members of the tribunal.
Chief Justice, GB Chief Court, Justice Sahib Khan administered the oath of the office bearers and senior judges of GB, bureaucrats, journalists and Civil Society of the region attended the ceremony.
Talking to journalists the newly appointed Chairman, Hafeez-ur-Rehaman said that the tribunal would facilitate the people as many cases are in pending and they will be solved soon. “It’s clearly written in the GB Governance Improvement Order that an Administrative/Service Tribunal would be formed to solve the relevant issues and hence the tribunal will work accordingly”, he said when the nature of the tribunal was inquired. It’s to be noted that Hafiz –ur-Rehman has worked as Deputy Registrar Supreme Appellate Court, Secretary Law and at various other positions.
The Chief Justice reportedly said that the formation and appointments of the Services Tribunal was the need of the time and it’s hoped that it would facilitate the concerned people.
The civil society appreciated the formation of the tribunal however, it was learnt that the lawyers association of GB has opposed the appointments calling them illegal appointments.


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