Gilgit-Baltistan: GBLA Proposed Increase Vigilance at Various Entry Points of GB

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Gilgit (PT): GBLA approved a bill that highlighted the “ever present severe threats of terrorist incursion from the Wakhan Valley of Afghanistan”, stated an official press release, demanding increased presence of security forces along the Pak-Afghan border in Gojal Valley’s Chipursan and Misgar region, as well Ishkoman, Gupis and Yasin Valleys of Ghizar district. The bill was moved by Deputy Speaker Jamil Ahmed, MLA Mutabiat Shah and MLA Mirza Hussain. It was also stated that there is a need for deployment of GB Scout’s contingents in Diamer District.

The bill also proposed formation of two additional wings of the Gilgit-Baltistan Scout for this purpose and their deployment in the “sensitive” regions.

It is pertinent to note that so far there has never been any terrorist incursion in the Gilgit-Balttistan region from the Wakhan corridor, which is situated in Afghanistan, between Tajikistan and Pakistan. Fears of such movement were high during the time when the Taliban had overtaken Afghanistan. However, the threat was not very high because the areas around Wakhan were controlled by the Northern Alliance, led by Ahmed Shah Masood.

In the neighboring Chitral region, however, terrorist had a couple of years back attacked a camp of the Chitral Scout and martyred around 50 soldiers, which had created panic and fear throughout the region.

The issue of sectarian unrest in Ghangche district, which also spread to Skardu in a limited manner, was also discussed. The Speaker of GBLA, Wazir Baig, said that the Home Department will be asked to form a judicial commission for inquiry of the circumstances that led to the violence in the region. The formation of judicial commission was demanded by MLA Sultan Ali Khan and MLA Amina Ansari.


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