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Gilgit-Baltistan:Illegal Construction of a Lodge at Nanga Parbat Base Camp

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GILGIT (ET): A German woman has approached Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) chief secretary, complaining about the illegal construction of a lodge at the base camp of Nanga Parbat.

With a height of 8,126 metres, Nanga Parbat, also known as ‘The Killer Mountain’, is the second highest mountain peak of Pakistan and the ninth highest in the world. It is located in the Himalayan mountain range in the Diamer valley of G-B.

“Last year I was informed about the illegal construction of a lodge at Nanga Parbat Base camp West Face (Diamer/Bunar side),” wrote Marianne Klies from Germany to G-B Chief Secretary Sajad Hottiana in an email which Hottiana shared with his friends on his facebook account.

“Since summer last year, I am in contact with various Pakistani authorities, including former deputy commissioner Sibtain Ahmad, trying to prevent this illegal project. It damages and disturbs the peaceful environment of this completely untouched location at 4,200 metres. The locals do not want or need this building; on the contrary they find it disturbing.”

She said despite promises to stop or demolish the construction, no action has been taken.

In her email, Klies further wrote that the construction was done on the orders of a well-known Italian climber, Simone Moro, who constructed the lodge to help him during his winter climbing trips.

Klies said she met the G-B chief secretary in March when he was in Berlin to attend a cultural event.

“I remember your interesting presentation during the event, showing the beauty of natural wilderness of your country and pointing out future prospects for tourism and preserving nature.”

She said she has been travelling to Pakistan every year since 2005, staying for three months in the north, mainly the Gilgit-Baltistan’s Diamer region. “I have gone on many treks and done some voluntary work. I know the country and its people very well.”

She said the European trekkers who went to the site complained about the construction activities, afraid that this will set a negative example and soon others will follow.

“There have already been protests against this. People going there want nature and not houses.”

“I as Chief Secretary cannot sit back. Nanga Parbat is a world heritage. I have told her that everything will be done in a transparent manner,” Hottiana said.

He has asked the director of the Environmental Protection Agency to submit a report within one week. “Follow the law strictly and give a fair opportunity to all parties within the mandatory time frame,” he said.

Gilgit-Baltistan:State Bank of Pakistan to Establish its office in GB

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GILGIT (Dawn): The State Bank of Pakistan will establish its office in Gilgit to resolve financial matters of the region.

Sources in the administration said a three-member delegation comprising Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah, Senior Minister Mohammad Jaffar and Chief Secretary Sajad Salim Hottiana met the SBP governor in Karachi to discuss the possibility of opening the branch of the central bank in GB.

They said matters pertaining to finance and other related issues came under discussion.

They added that all provinces were entitled to have an overdraft from the SBP, but GB was lacking this facility.

The officials said the SBP governor assured the GB representatives of ensuring an overdraft of Rs5 billion to the GB government in order to meet financial demands of the area.

Sources said the GB delegation also discussed possibility of setting up region’s own bank like other provinces. The SBP head also assured to extend help in this regard.

FINANCIAL PACKAGE: The federal finance minister has assured to release Rs5 billion package for Gilgit-Baltistan before the interim government is installed in Islamabad to help end financial woes of the region.

This was disclosed by GB Finance Minister Mohammad Ali Akhtar while talking to Dawn.

He said those speaking of rolling back the political reforms package to GB lived in fool’s paradise. He said his meeting with the federal finance minister was fruitful.

He said soon the region will have its own Public Service Commission as well as Services Tribunal which were the result of the political reforms package.

Gilgit-Baltistan:Snow Leopards Descend down to Doyan valley

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Gilgit: On 13th February 2012 local community members of the Doyan valley in Astore District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan spotted a group of four snow leopards near their village. Astonishingly the shy cats remained at the same location till 14th February, and the community members Mr. Naseer ur Rehman and others informed Gilgit-Baltistan Wildlife Department about the sighting and continued show up of the animals. Upon the advice of Mr. Willayat Noor, Conservator Parks and Wildlife Gilgit-Baltistan and Mr. Aftab Mehmood, Divisional Forest Officer Wildlife Gilgit-Baltistan, the community members ventured to photograph the illusive felids. On 14th February, Mr. Naseer of Doyan Community and Mr. Farooq, Game Inspector of the Gilgit-Baltistan Wildlife Department were able to take some pictures and videos of the cats. According to Mr. Naseer, they were about 100 meters away from the cats on the other side of Astore river, while looking at them and taking photographs.

Human encounter with snow leopard in the rugged mountainous area of Gilgit-Baltistan and the neighborhood has been fascinatingly expressed by wildlife enthusiasts, biologists, government officials and local community members. The incidences have been quite often reported for the last couple of years when the local communities in Gilgit-Baltistan had proactively started wildlife watch and ward activities in their respective valleys.

Doyan valley is one of the twenty-four Community Managed Conservation Areas (CMCAs) notified by the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan as part of the community-based conservation efforts in the region. The conservation programme in Doyan valley was started in late 1990s and in 2004 local communities formed a community-based organization namely Doyan Valley Conservation and Development Organization (DVCDO). The valley was notified as CMCA in 2004 and first permit for trophy hunting of Astore Markhor (Capra falconeri falconeri) was granted in 2008-2009. Remembering the venture of the first trophy hunt in his village Mr. Naseer recounts that “a British hunter namely Malkom King came to our village during the winters of 2009 and prior to his hunt the trophy size animal was hunted by a snow leopard, we were deprived of USD 36000 but we never thought of taking revenge from the cat”. Mr. Naseer proudly added that “we kept our efforts continued in conserving wildlife species in the village and the same hunter came again in 2010 and succeeded in hunting a big Markhor (41” horn size), for which the community got Pak Rupees 3.1 million. Now every one of us in the village is a guardian of wildlife, therefore, not only the Markhor, but we are also taking care of snow leopards”.

Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) is bestowed with exceptional natural areas comprising of lofty peaks, enormous glaciers, alpine meadows, gushing rivers and streams, high altitude lakes, stunning landscapes and beautiful patches of old alpine forests. All these features together constitute an astonishing but fragile mountain ecosystem, providing basic livelihoods to its inhabitants such as food, fiber, shelter, medicine, etc. Simultaneously these mountain ecosystems are sheltering a magnitude of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. To name a few are animals such as Snow leopard, Astore markhor, Himalayan ibex, Musk deer, Brown and Black bear, Woolly flying squirrel, Tibetan grey wolf, Red fox, Himalayan lynx and numerous species of birds including Ram chakor, chakor, snow partridge, golden eagle, Himalayan griffin, etc. Similarly the rivers, streams and high altitude lakes are splendid with aquatic life dominated by the famous trout fish, Eurasian otter and migratory waterfowl frequenting at certain places.

Keeping in view the extraordinary natural wealth of the mountainous areas, the Government of Gilgit Baltistan has brought certain ecologically rich areas under the net of protected areas by notifying five national parks, three wildlife sanctuaries, seven game reserves and twenty-four community-managed conservation areas, covering some 30,000 km2 , almost half of the total land area of GB. These protected areas aim to conserve species of special concern and their habitats while linking the conservation benefits with the livelihoods of local communities side by side generating avenues of income for the provincial and national economies.

Initiated from a pilot project in Bar valley of Hunza-Nagar District, some 20 years back by WWF Pakistan and the GB Wildlife Department, the community based conservation programme has now been a widespread environmental movement in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Gilgit-Baltistan: Written Resut of Combined Competitive Examination 2011 of GB Announced

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FPSC has announced the result of the competitive examination held in May 2011 after a lapse of more than six months.

The salient features of the subject Examination-2011 are as under:-

Candidates Applied : 4125

Candidates Appeared : 2231

Candidates Passed : 276

Male Candidates Passed : 253

Female Candidates Passed : 23

Pass Percentage : 12.37%

Names of candidates who have qualified the exam are enlisted below.

S.N       R.NO     NAME

1            12    ABDUL BARI

2            19    ABDUL HAMID

3            41    ABDUL RAHIM

4            64    ABID HUSSAIN

5            71    ABRAR HUSSAIN

6            77    ADNAN SHAFA

7            79    ADNAN ULLAH KHAN

8            83    AGHA TAYYAB

9            98    AHSAN ULLAH

10         110    AKBAR KHAN

11         130    ALAMGIR

12         165    ALTAF HUSSAIN

13         168    ALTAF HUSSAIN

14         179    AMEEN ULLAH GHAZNAVI

15         195    AMIR AZAM

16         212    AMJAD HUSSAIN KHAN

17         217    ANAYAT ULLAH

18         223    ANILA SHAMSHAD

19         236    AQIL HUSSAIN

20         247    ARSHAD MURAD

21         254    ASGHAR KHAN

22         261    ASHRAF KHAN

23         264    ASIF HUSSAIN

24         295    AYAT ULLAH KHAN

25         323    BASHARAT HUSSAIN

26         357    DIDAR KARIM

27         359    DILDAR AHMED MALIK

28         407    FAROOQ AHMED

29         432    FIAZ AHMAD

30         437    FIDA HUSSAIN

31         474    GIBRAN RASHEED KHAN

32         510    HAMID ULLAH

33         520    HASSAN ALI

34          545    IBRAR AHMED KHAN

35          558    IJLAL AHMED

36          608    INAYAT ALI

37          631    IRFAN ALI

38          636    IRFAN WALI

39          641    IRUM BATOOL

40          654    ISHTIAQ AHMAD

41          664    ISRAR AHMED

42          669    IZHAR ULLAH

43          670    JAFAR HUSSAIN

44          712    JOHAR ALI

45          721    KALEEM ULLAH

46          727    KAMAL UD DIN

47          728    KAMAL UD DIN QAMAR

48          730    KAMAL-UD-DIN

49          752    KARIM ULLAH

50          816    MANZOOR ALI KHAN

51          818    MANZOOR HUSSAIN

52          823    MANZOOR HUSSAIN

53          838    MASOOD AHMAD

54          854    MEHBOOB ALI

55          857    MEHDI SHAH

56          861    MEHMOOD UL HASSAN

57          875    MIR INTIKHAB UL HAQ

58          878    MIR NAWAZ KHAN

59          879    MIR NAZEEM KHAN

60          885    MIRZA KARIM

61          888    MISBAHULLAH

62          893    MOHSIN HASSAN

63          899    MUDASSIR AYUB

64          908    MUHAMMAD ADIL KHAN

65          918    MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH

66          919    MUHAMMAD ALI SHAH

67         924    MUHAMMAD AMJAD

68         976    MUHAMMAD IHTISHAM

69         977    MUHAMMAD ILYAS

70         990    MUHAMMAD ISMAIL

71         992    MUHAMMAD JAFFAR

72       1032    MUHAMMAD RAHIM

73       1036    MUHAMMAD RAZA

74       1039    MUHAMMAD SALEEM

75       1046    MUHAMMAD SALMAN KHAN

76       1056    MUHAMMAD SOHAIL

77       1060    MUHAMMAD TARIQ

78       1065    MUHAMMAD WAKIL

79       1070    MUHAMMAD YASIN

80       1078    MUHAMMADI

81       1081    MUJEEB SARDAR

82       1122    MUSHRAF HUSSAIN

83       1124    MUSHTAQ AHMED

84       1131    MUTTAHIR AHMED

85       1211    NAZIM AMAN

86       1212    NAZIR MEHMOOD

87       1220    NIAT ULLAH

88       1238    NOMAN ULLAH KHAN

89       1266    PERVEZ ALAM

90       1267    PIRZADA SHUJA ALAM

91       1280    QAMAR ABBAS

92       1286    QASIM SHAH

93       1290    QUMBER ALI

94       1304    RAHIMULLAH

95       1305    RAHIMULLAH BAIG

96       1310    RAHMAT WALI

97       1404    SAID ZABOOR

98       1474    SAMI UD DIN KHAN

99       1481    SAMINA NAZ

100       1494    SAQIB ALI

101       1512    SHABBIR AHMAD

102       1523    SHAFAAT ALI

103       1532    SHAFQAT ALI

104       1561    SHAHEEN MURAD

105       1590    SHAISTA

106       1592    SHAISTA GHAZI

107       1604    SHAMIL AHMAD

108       1609    SHAMS UD DIN

109       1630    SHAZIA KANWAL

110       1634    SHEHNAZ AKHTAR

111       1640    SHELA SULAIMAN

112       1674    SHERZAD ALI

113       1686    SHUJAT HUSSAIN

114       1692    SIRAJ UD DIN MIR

115       1701    SOHAIL AHMAD

116       1714    SULTAN ABBAS

117       1744    SYED ISHTIAQ HUSSAIN

118       1762    SYED SAQIB HUSSAIN

119       1773    TAHIR AHMAD KHAN

120       1779    TAHIRA BATOOL

121       1790    TANVEER AHMAD

122       1846    WASIM ABBAS

123       1859    YAWAR ABBAS

124       1862    ZAFAR ABBAS

125       1864    ZAFAR ALI KHAN

126       1891    ZAHID ULLAH

127       1896    ZAHIR ABBAS

128       1903    ZAID

129       1905    ZAIN UL ABDEEN

130       1912    ZAKIR HUSSAIN

131       1914    ZAKIR HUSSAIN

132       1919    ZARTAJ

133       1947    ZULFIQAR ALI

134       1951    AAMIR ABBAS

135       1954    ABDUL AZEEM

136       1962    ABDUL HAMEED

137       1974    ABDUL WAHAB

138       1979    ABDULLAH SHAKIR

139       1981    ABID HUSSAIN

140       1985    ABID MAJEED KHAWAR

141       1995    AFSANA JABEEN

142       1999    AHMAD KHAN

143       2000    AHMAD KHAN

144       2013    AKHTAR HUSSAIN

145       2019    ALAMGIR SHAH

146       2030    ALI RAZA SADIQ

147       2035    AMIN ASHRAF

148       2042    AMIR SHEHZAD

149       2055    ANSAR ALI

150       2063    ARMAN ALI

151       2067    ASGHAR ALI

152       2069    ASHIQ ALI

153       2071    ASHIQ HUSSAIN

154       2110    DANISH HUSSAIN

155       2120    EJAZ ALEEM

156       2121    EJAZ HUSSAIN

157       2128    FAISAL SHAKIR

158       2154    FIRDOUS ALI

159       2162    GHULAM ABBAS

160       2166    GHULAM HASSAN

161       2211    HIMAYAT ULLAH

162       2215    HUMERA DINAR

163       2219    IDREES YOUSUF

164       2224    IJAZ HUSSAIN

165       2227    IKRAM ULLAH

166       2228    IMAM DAD

167       2233    IMRAN ALI

168       2269    JAMAL KHAN

169       2275    JAVED IQBAL

170       2284    JUNAID BIN IQBAL

171       2291    KAMRAN HAMID BUTT

172       2302    KASHIF ALI

173       2308    KHALID AKBAR

174       2309    KHALID ASAD

175       2323    KIRAN SULTAN

176       2338    MANSOOR SHAHEED KHAWAR

177       2341    MANZOOR HASSAN

178       2353    MASOOMA

179       2358    MEHDI HASSAN

180       2367    MIR AZFAR USMAN

181       2410    MUHAMMAD AMIN

182       2429    MUHAMMAD AYUB

183       2460    MUHAMMAD IQBAL

184       2467    MUHAMMAD ISMAIL

185       2469    MUHAMMAD ISMAIL

186       2474    MUHAMMAD KAMRAN



189       2485    MUHAMMAD MUJTABA

190       2489    MUHAMMAD NAEEM

191       2499    MUHAMMAD NAZIR

192       2500    MUHAMMAD NAZIR

193       2514    MUHAMMAD SALMAN



196       2538    MUHAMMAD USMAN

197       2546    MUHAMMAD ZAHEER UD DIN

198       2569    MUSHTAQ AHMAD

199       2574    MUZAMMIL HUSSAIN

200       2592    NASAR UMMIN ULLAH

201       2598    NASIR HUSSAIN

202       2600    NASIR HUSSAIN

203       2605    NASIRA PARVEEN

204       2611    NAVEED AHMED

205       2613    NAVEED ATHAR ZAMAN

206       2616    NAVEEDULLAH BAIG

207       2669    RANA ABDUL QADEER

208       2679    REHANA AYUB KHAN

209       2684    RIAZ AKBAR

210       2710    SAFDAR ALI KHAN

211       2728    SAJIDA BIBI

212       2749    SAMEE AHMAD

213       2751    SAMI ULLAH KHAN

214       2752    SAMINA ALI

215       2770    SHABBAR HUSSAIN

216       2795    SHAHID ALI ENGR

217       2804    SHAHID WALI

218       2814    SHAKIR AHMED

219       2828    SHARAFAT ALI RAQUIB

220       2839    SHEHZAD ALAM

221       2841    SHEHZADI

222       2845    SHER ALAM

223       2849    SHERAZ BEGUM

224       2865    SKHAWAT HUSSAIN

225       2879    SYED ALI

226       2885    SYED ASIF HUSSAIN

227       2886    SYED FARIDULLAH SHAH

228       2915    TAJWAR ALI

229       2919    TANZEEL UR REHMAN

230       2941    WAQAR AHMED WANI

231       2963    ZAHEER ABBAS

232       2994    ZIA ULLAH

233       3049    AMAMA

234       3153    GULBAZ ALI

235       3174    HUSSAIN ALI

236       3200    IRSHAD HUSSAIN

237       3268    MUHAMMAD ABDUL AZEEM

238       3279    MUHAMMAD ARIF

239       3285    MUHAMMAD BAQIR

240       3313    MUHAMMAD ISSA

241       3319    MUHAMMAD JAWAD

242       3350    MUKHTAR ALI

243       3379    NISAR ALI

244       3427    SANA UL HAQ

245       3431    SARDAR HUSSAIN

246       3468    SYED JAFFER SHAH


248       3480    TAHZEB UL HASSAN

249       3514    ZAKIR HUSSAIN

250       3522    ABBAS ALI

251       3529    ABDUL MAJEED

252       3538    ABIDA PARVEEN

253       3594    BAQIR HUSSAIN

254       3595    BILAL HUSSAIN

255       3600    FAIZ MUHAMMAD

256       3643    GHULAM RAZA

257       3658    HUMA BATOOL

258       3680    IRFAN ALI

259       3701    KHADIM HUSSAIN

260       3724    MAQBOOL ALI

261       3744    MIRAJ HUSSAIN

262       3755    MUHAMMAD ABIDEEN

263       3775    MUHAMMAD ALI TABASSUM

264       3817    MUHAMMAD HUSSAIN

265       3847    MUHAMMAD KAMAL

266       3874    MUHAMMAD SALEEM

267       3926    NAEEM ASHRAF

268       3934    NASIR HUSSAIN

269       3974    SAJJAD HUSSAIN

270       3982    SALAHUDDIN

271       4052    SYED MUBASSHIR HASSAN

272       4068    TASNEEM KOSAR

273       4073    WASEEM ABBAS

274       4075    WAZIR ANWAR ALI

275       4080    WAZIR MOHAMMAD QAYYUM

276       4106    ZAKIR HUSSAIN

Gilgit-Baltistan:KP Government is Disputing in a bid to get share in income from the Power Generation-ADB’s Head of Energy Division

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ISLAMABAD (D.Times): The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the lead financer of the Diamer-Bhasha Dam on Tuesday suggested Pakistan to focus on resolution of revenue sharing issue between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Gilgit Baltistan (GB) as well as affected population and address issues of environment degradation for smooth execution of the mega project.

ADB’s Head of Energy Division Rune Stroem while speaking to a select group of journalists along with the ADB’s Country Director to Pakistan Werner Liepach after conclusion of his visit to Pakistan aimed at ‘critically reviewing the mega project’. He said, “ADB is fully aware that there will be strong debate on revenue sharing and ADB can give advice but at the end the issue will have to be decided by the Council of Common Interests.” The KP government is disputing over the ownership of 18 kilometres long belt with GB government in a bid to get share in income from the power generation. The GB legislative assembly has passed the resolution against the provincial government claim and intends to take the matter to the Supreme Court if it is not amicably resolved.

“Pakistan has not been focusing on social aspects of the project as much as one could hope,” Stroem said and added that the success of the project hangs on local people satisfaction with resettlement activities. “The resettlement work has been done but still there are gaps where the government needs to bring in improvement as per international standards,” he added.

Explaining the gaps, Stroem said individual activities were going on at relatively small scale and lots of pilot projects have been initiated. He said the legal dispute over sharing of revenues between GB and KP has to be worked through and on environment no sufficient work has been done yet.

Stroem said there was a need to ensure minimum water flows during storage to offset negative impact on the environment. He said no water flows at the time of construction and storage will have adverse affects.

Having an estimated cost of $11.20 billion the project is planned to be completed in 12 years that will generate 4,500 megawatts (MW) electricity besides storing 8.5 million acres feet water for agriculture purposes. The project’s groundbreaking has been performed twice. The ADB official said that the agency has not yet fully assessed the price and completion period but the total cost may change due to price escalation.

Stroem said that an unwritten agreement has been reached with the government. According to that the ADB will play its role as senior lender, co-financer and will be the financial adviser to Pakistan on the project. He said next week both the parties will review the draft of the Memorandum of Understanding that clearly defines the role of the ADB in project execution.

He said the project can’t be donor-driven instead the government is the primary driver and it’s cognizant of the fact. The ADB was helping the government to structure the project and make it bankable. “It is the most complex and the most comprehensive project the ADB has ever financed.”

Liepach said that the ADB has not yet framed clear views on the dam financing requirements but the export credit will be major source of financing. Other than the export credit the international financial institutions and commercial financing would also be availed to complete the project, he added. Stroem said the Water and Power Development Authority will evaluate the bids for the project but the ADB will also review to ensure transparency. The ADB has strong anti-corruption policies and the agency’s involvement will give more credit to the project, he added.

Gilgit-Baltistan:GB Independence Day Celebrations

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Gilgit—All is set to commemorate 64th Independence Day of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) as arrangements to observe the day in a befitting manner have been finalized. The day would dawn with special prayers for the solidarity and integrity of the country while later colorful events would be organized to pay rich tributes to the liberation movement heroes.

The main function would be organized here in Chinar Bagh where Governor GB Syed Pir karam Ali Shah would be the chief guest.—APP

Happy Independence Day

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Unarmed people of Gilgit-Baltistan, on November 1, 1947, fought a fierce battle against Dogra Raj and forced the Dogra Commander-in-chief Ghansara Singh to flee. Gilgit-Baltistan, after getting freedom from Dogra Raj, decided to affiliate with Pakistan.






THE People of Gilgit-Baltistan On Their 64th INDEPENNDENCE DAY!

Gilgit-Baltistan: Federal Finance Minister met with NHA and FWO to discuss financial matters regarding KKH and Attabad Lake

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ISLAMABAD: The lowering of water level of the artificial Attabad Lake will cost Rs660 million, concluded a meeting presided by the finance minister on Monday.

Abdul Hafeez Shaikh held a meeting with Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and the National Highway Authority (NHA) to discuss the progress of two projects regarding Attabad Lake as well as the re-alignment of different sections of Karakorum Highway (KKH).

The minister stressed the timely completion of the projects and discussed different financial matters faced by FWO, NHA and other departments concerned regarding the projects.

A massive landslide occurred on July 4 last year near the Attabad village in Hunza Valley, causing a heavy loss of life and property. The landslide blocked River Hunza, which resulted in the formation of a lake, besides inundating about a two-kilometre long stretch of KKH.

The Attabad Lake and the damaged road network of KKH have proven to be a major obstacle for the trade between Pakistan and China. The completion of the two projects is key to utilising the existing trade and energy potential of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The meeting comes just days after President Asif Ali Zardari held a meeting and ordered to expedite the realignment of the damaged portion of KKH, for which funds had been provided by China.

Courtesy: The Express Tribune

Gilgit-Baltistan: KIU Student to get WWF Annual Award

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GILGIT: A project, the first of its kind in Gilgit-Baltistan, prepared by a student of Karakoram International University (KIU) has been approved for an annual award.

“DNA testing and GPS position of snow leopard genetic material in Gilgit-Baltistan” is the project that was scrutinised and nominated for an award by the scientific committee of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), said a university spokesperson. The project was submitted by Nilofer, a student of KIU who prepared it with help from the Associate Dean Dr Khalil Ahmed. He said that the International Snow Leopard Trust and WWF sponsored the student for the research project, which is the first of its kind in a region where the rare snow leopard faces extinction. Environmentalists say most incidents in which snow leopards are targeted are reprisal attacks following attacks on livestock.

Last week, a snow leopard was beaten to death by the people of Mathal, a remote village in Skardu, after the ageing cat broke into a cattle house. Locals managed to protect their cattle, but seriously injured the leopard. It died in the forest department’s custody. The International Snow Leopard Trust will give the student US$8,000 while the WWF will provide Rs200,000.

Courtesy: Express Tribune

Gilgit Baltistan Government

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The official website of Gilgit-Baltistan Government